Boris Johnson’s last minute Zoom quiz slammed by viewers after he forgets to ask any questions

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A Zoom quiz hosted by the British Prime Minister this evening has gone badly, in keeping with his entire tenure in Number 10.

The quiz, which was called at short notice earlier today, is typical of the type of activity Boris Johnson likes to engage in when he’s supposed to be doing something more important and worthwhile, like attending COBRA meetings or drafting a letter of resignation, so it was no surprise that he decided to host one this evening as cases of a new Covid-19 variant soared.

“It was shit, though,” said one player, Simon Williams, who tuned in at 8pm to play along.

“He seemed to have forgotten to prepare any questions for us whatsoever.

“I was expecting questions like “How many children do I have? No, please do tell me, I need to know for certain” or “Where’s the nearest barber to Number 10 Downing St”, or “What five things need to be present for a party in Downing St to count as party”, to which I would have naturally answered cocaine, alcohol, bad dancing, sexual harassment and casual racism.

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“But there was nothing. He just lied that we have a ‘world beating’ vaccination program and tried almost in vain to keep awake.”

One Downing Street aide suggested to us that the Prime Minister’s lacklustre performance may have been the result of his being distracted by the news that calls for him to resign are multiplying at a faster rate than Omicron.