Pope says extramarital sins aren’t major, in fact they are often minors

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The pope has confirmed that extramarital sins are often minor in nature.

The head of the Catholic Church made clear that sexual affairs aren’t major sins, and they are often minors.

“Many minors,” confirmed a spokesperson for the pope.

“As in, they are minor sins, of course. Like stealing an apple, or lying to protect your colleagues from certain allegations.

“Minors. No big deal. You know?”

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Married woman, Hayley Rice, said “I think I’d definitely count it as a major sin if my husband cheated on me. I don’t know why the Catholic Church is talking about minors so much.

“Though I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, cheating on a spouse isn’t up there with the most heinous of crimes, like systematic child abuse which is subsequently covered up over many, many decades.

“If you’d asked me which is worse between that and my husband banging a slag in that travel tavern off the A33, I’d grudgingly accept the child abuse is worse.

“…not sure how we got onto that comparison but there we are.”