Teenager shocked that parents upstairs noticed she was holding big Christmas party

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A teenager was shocked that her parents, who were upstairs, noticed that downstairs she was holding a massive Christmas party.

“Well, I’ve been caught red-handed,” said party organiser Katie Williams.

“I thought, like most people, that people who lived in the house wouldn’t necessarily notice if there was a big party happening downstairs. I mean, why would you? Okay, so it’s in your house, but unless you’re actually specifically at that party, then how could you ever really know that a party was going on?”

Her father, Simon Williams, revealed how he and his wife found out about the party.

“Well, we were winding down in our bedroom, watching an old DVD of Electric Blue 5. All of a sudden we heard loud music being played and lots of people having fun and chatting, and even some singing. We wracked our brains for a while wondering exactly what the commotion could possibly be then my wife figured it out! It must be a party.”

Katie has apologised unreservedly but has maintained that no Covid restrictions were breached and has asked her boyfriend to launch an investigation into exactly what happened.

Mr Williams, not putting up with any of that bullshit, has grounded Katie for three months.