Man comes downstairs for breakfast to find aftermath of 60-person party he didn’t even know was happening

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A man has been left shocked this morning after finding the aftermath of a large party downstairs in his house, something he didn’t even know was happening at the time.

Simon Williams, 57, said he went to bed at his normal time, 8:30, and read for a while before dropping off – he thinks – around 10 pm.

Williams went on, “And then the next thing I know I woke up this morning to find this scene of absolute carnage downstairs. It’s just… everywhere.

“Honestly, if you’d told me yesterday that it was possible for people to hold a party for 50-60 others in your own house without you even knowing about it, I would have laughed you out of the room – I would have said such thing was demonstrably impossible. But clearly, on this evidence, I was wrong.

“I didn’t hear a thing. I didn’t have a clue what was going on downstairs in my own home. I am living proof that just because someone has a party with 50 or 60 of their closest friends in your house doesn’t mean you will necessarily know about it.”

Williams was then shown a mobile phone video that showed him doing several tequila slammers in the kitchen before leading a conga around the house and into the garden.

He went on, “Hmmm. Yes, that does look a bit like me, I suppose. And they do look an awful lot like the pyjamas I’m wearing right now.

“But I genuinely don’t remember it. And that is what’s known, my friends, as plausible deniability.”

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