Sting’s disappointment at being left off BBC Sound of 2022 list

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Veteran cod-reggae lute-player Sting has expressed his disappointment that he has been left off the BBC Sound of 2022 list.

“I don’t know what more I have to do,” he said.

“I’ve had hit records, I’ve saved the rainforest, I’ve acted in a big pair of blue y-fronts in Dune. I mean, all due respect to Wet Leg, they’ve banged out a couple of EPs, whereas Synchronicity was the 29th best-selling album of the entire eighties.

“Central Cee? Enny? Tems? All gritty and urban, right? Well, I made that album with Shaggy in 2019. So, I’ve been doing gritty and urban for years. But has Priya Ragu ever released an album of lute music? No. Yet she’s on the list, but not me. Doesn’t seem right.”

A BBC spokesperson tried to placate the situation by saying that the list is for up-and-coming artists.

“Well, hang on then, are they saying I’m past it?” said a furious Sting.

“Just because I’ve been doing this a while, I can still be up-and-coming, I don’t think I’ve peaked. I could do a grime re-interpretation of medieval hymns next year for all they know. Maybe I will, and then you’ll have Yard Act just doing another sparky, acerbic single, and me doing some grime medieval hymns and then how stupid are the BBC going to look for not having me on the list?”

It is not the first time the BBC New Music list has caused controversy. In 2018, Wet Wet Wet were left off the list despite having the second-longest consecutive stay at number one in British history.