Boris Johnson arrested by Met Police for impersonating a Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson has been arrested today by the Metropolitan Police for what appears to be a blatant case of impersonating a Prime Minister.

As pictures emerged yesterday of a dishevelled, clearly confused and bumbling idiot dressed in police clothing being interviewed on TV, further reports soon after confirmed the man had also been arrested for insisting he is a Prime Minister and leader of an actual country.

Arresting officer PC Simon Williams confirmed, “Yes, he was a nutter, he looked like a homeless person and made very little sense.

“We were called to investigate after a man was demanding to be taken to Downing Street, claiming he was the leader of the whole country and responsible for millions of lives.

“But when we got there we were confronted by this babbling idiot who could hardly string a sentence together and kept repeating incoherent shite.

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“His hair was a complete state, his suit didn’t fit and he had a stupid grin on his face like he had no idea what was going on.

“There’s absolutely no way he could be in charge of an actual country so we had to arrest him just to calm him down.

Asked if he thinks the perpetrator will be punished he told us, “Well no, it happened in the past come to think of it, so we can’t do anything about it now.”

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