Opinion: Hypothermia only kills 300 people a year, it’s time to stop being frightened into wearing big coats

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People of the UK need to stop being frightened into wearing big coats by the moneymen behind expensive layers of insulation, because hypothermia only kills a couple of hundred people a year in the UK.

Did you know that some people are spending HUNDREDS of pounds on winter coats, and they have absolutely no need to? It’s a proven fact that hypothermia only kills about 300 people here in the UK each year, so 99.9999998% of the population have absolutely NOTHING to fear from the extreme cold.

You’re actually more likely to be killed crossing the road or driving to work than die of hypothermia. Stop being sheep and swallowing the narrative given to you by Big Coat and their marketing machine. Everyone needs to stop buying coats because you’re scared of the cold, you don’t need to be!

It actually gets worse, because these big businesses will try and convince you that a coat will actually protect you from hypothermia, but did you know that of those 300 hypothermia deaths, the vast majority were WEARING a coat at the time they died. Coats DO NOT work people!

It’s time to shake the sheeple awake and get them to stop falling for these coat scams.

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Sure, some people – who are no doubt in the pockets of Bog Coat – will try and insist there are actually 25,000 excess winter deaths a year, but we would make it clear that those people died WHILE they were cold, not OF the cold.  Big difference.

Shake off the shackles of our fascist overlords and throw away your coat. My grandad didn’t fight for the magna carta just so you could do what the money men want.  The fightback starts here.

If it’s not too cold out, obviously.