Mark Francois complains that ‘remainer-biased galleries’ refused to exhibit his artwork

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Tory backbencher and self-published memoir-writer has today lashed out at the many remainer-owned galleries that steadfastly refused to host an exhibition of artwork he produced during lockdown.

Francois said that he had spent months talking to galleries about displaying his full range of work, but that each and every one rejected him once they realised he was a Brexiter.

Francois has subsequently decided to display his artwork himself, on a range of fences near his home, sticking one in the eye of remained gallery owners everywhere.

He told reporters, “I can’t tell you how many galleries simply wouldn’t entertain the idea of exhibiting the work of a Brexiter. It’s basically fascism.  Them making a business decision not to display my artwork is basically the same as the Nazis burning books.  Yes it is, shut up.

“My work is full of important messages about society, something that becomes clear to anyone who sees it, so the only reason they chose not to exhibit my work is that they are biased against me because of my political beliefs. They’re all racist.”

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Gallery owners Simon Williams told us, “I didn’t know Mark Francois painted, but when he got in touch I asked him to bring some examples of his work – because you never know, right?

“But to describe his work as childlike would be an insult to children. ‘Crayon on canvas’ is not a particularly popular artistic medium, and I don’t think he’s going to start a trend.

“Though honestly, if I ever get a call from a billionaire art collector with a penchant for badly drawn tanks and stick-men soldiers, I’ll know exactly where to source the pieces.”

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