Opinion: It’s only funny when it’s about things I don’t like

author avatar by 2 years ago

As a regular contributor to the NewsThump comment threads, I’d like to thank them for this opportunity to explain how they’re getting satire wrong.

You see, humour has some very basic rules that NewsThump often misses, but it is actually really very, very simple: if it’s about things or people I dislike then it’s hilarious, and if it’s about things I like or support then not only is it not funny, but it is actively attacking all that is good, noble and true.

For example, I dislike putting a mask on in my local Tesco, and so a piece about how the girl behind the checkout who not only said I should put one on is just like Hitler would have been side-splitting. Maybe you could photoshop a Nazi armband and little square moustache onto a picture of her? I have several which I took from behind a hedge as I followed her later I could let you have.

Similarly, if you write a piece about a political party I don’t like, I’ll be first on the thread to congratulate you for your wit. But you have to understand that by writing so-called ‘jokes’ about the people I vote for and support then you are punching down and oppressing the weak, and you are also quisling traitors who are probably funded by Israel.

I like to think I’m a pretty funny guy – my friends say I am from behind their phones when I’m talking anyway, so I’m sincerely trying to help you here.

And as for your Warhammer content, if you want to keep your credibility GET IT RIGHT. It’s Commissar Yarrick who wears a power claw, not Ibrahim Gaunt. Seriously. Joke RUINED.

C’mon, guys, this is comedy 101. You’re supposed to be professionals. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

If I laugh then it’s funny. And if I don’t laugh, I’ve got a huge number of memes created by other people I can post to your wall until you agree with me.