Companies to allow employees to quietly have individual Christmas parties at their desks

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Many large companies are cancelling their office Christmas parties this year, and instead are asking employees to quietly have their own individual Christmas parties alone at their own desks.

Simon Williams is head of HR at Bastard, Bastard, and Cock Solicitors.

“I’m afraid that with the current health crisis, it is simply too risky to hold a large Christmas party,” he said.

“However, it is still Christmas, and we don’t want to damage morale. Well, not too much. So, instead, we’ll be allowing employees to quietly have an individual Christmas party alone at their own desk.

“What we’re suggesting is you pop round to Pret and buy one of their Christmas sandwiches, and possibly a mini Christmas pudding, then come back to the office, sit quietly at your desk and put Cliff Richard’s Mistletoe and Wine on Spotify before enjoying your sandwich.

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“I’m afraid we can’t allow Christmas crackers because it could disturb your colleagues, but you could always watch a YouTube video of someone pulling a cracker. Obviously, not using the company wi-fi. Consuming alcohol at work remains a sackable offence.

“I think it could be a very jolly alternative to a traditional Christmas party.”

Mr Williams said that the company would not be subsidising the individual Christmas parties.

“Sadly, no. We won’t be doing that. But if you hold your party during your lunch break then we won’t treat it as an unauthorised absence.”

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