‘That 18th goal killed us’ insist Latvia Women’s football team

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Latvia have insisted today that they were still in last night’s World Cup Qualifier match with England, until the 18th goal went in.

With England going on to win the game 20-0 at the end, Latvia’s coach Romans Kvacovs has insisted today that the game was still in the balance right up to when England scored a lucky 18th goal.

Speaking earlier he fumed, “So unlucky, we were right in the game, it could have gone either way.

“But then England scored their 18th and our players’ heads just went down, it was such a lucky goal. It really was a sucker punch at a crucial time in the match.

“We always thought it would be a tough game but when it was only 8-0 at halftime we had England just where we wanted them, and I could see they were getting nervous.

“It was a real battle then for most of the second half with England on the ropes for long periods of the game but somehow managing to score another few very lucky goals which were all rubbish and offside.

“Then just as we were about to stage a great comeback we conceded a soft 18th goal in 82nd minute and the girls just couldn’t recover, there was just no time to stage our come back after that.”

Asked if he thought the result was a fair reflection of the game he told us, “No, we battered them. And what’s the ref doing? Only three minutes of injury time? It’s an absolute joke.”