Tesco introduce pyjama-wearing mandate for all customers

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Most customers already just stagger straight from bed to the doughnut and Quavers aisle without getting dressed, and the new rule is to ensure the few other people who might have wandered in by mistake don’t make them feel uncomfortable.

As of midnight tonight, all Tesco customers will be required to wear pyjamas or a onesie in stores, although the supermarket chain said that anyone who arrives not dressed in their jimjams or like a pink hippo unicorn will be supplied with a set on the door.

“It’s to make our regular customers and staff feel comfortable in their shopping environment whilst they wander round with a trolley full of cans and Pringles shouting at their kids at half one in the afternoon,” said Tesco spokesman Simon Williams.

“And we ask that members of the public respect the new rules, and for customers who are medically exempt from going shopping in nightwear we will set up a special aisle where they can buy fresh fruit and vegetables away from everyone else.”