Man who spent years insisting our rules should only be made by ‘sovereign’ parliament not that keen on their rule about facemasks

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A keen Brexiter who spent five years insisting the nation’s rules should only be set by our sovereign parliament is suddenly not that keen on complying with the rules set by his newly-sovereign parliament if it means wearing a bit of cloth over his face to do the shopping.

Derek Williams, 53, has repeatedly told anyone who’ll listen, and many who wouldn’t, that the rules we live by in our country should be set only by our sovereign parliament and its duly elected officials.

However, he has been keen to add the caveat this month that he is under no obligation to follow said rules just because they were put in place by the sovereign parliament that he fought for.

He explained, “I’m so glad we don’t have meddling Eurocrats having any say over the rules we have to abide by in this country, because if I’m going to ignore a rule, it’s going to be a good old fashioned British rule made by our duly elected British government.”

A ‘friend’ of Derek’s, who prefers to refer to himself as ‘an acquaintance’, told us, “I’m beginning to think this isn’t so much about who makes the rules, so much as whether or not Derek likes them, or not.

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“Sure, it might have sounded an awful lot like his main issue for the last four years was ‘sovereignty’, but clearly he couldn’t give two tosses what the sovereign parliament has decided we should all be doing.

“If only his 2016 self could see him now.”

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