Epstein Pilot: I flew to Pizza Express in Woking over 200 times

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Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time pilot has testified in court that he flew VIP’s to a number of luxury locations worldwide, including Pizza Express in Woking, over 200 times.

Larry Visoki, who was speaking at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, recalled in court yesterday how he was forced to fly to Woking on multiple occasions for a very important friend of Mr Epstein who really really liked pizza.

Speaking in court he revealed, “We had to go to lots of luxury locations all around the world, such a Barbados, and Las Vegas, and Woking.

“We actually had to go to Woking quite a lot actually, I think over 200 times from memory, because there was a splendid Pizza Express there which one of Jeffrey’s best friends absolutely loved.

“Obviously there were other trips too, to a number luxury locations, but none quite as popular as Woking, because of the Pizza Express.

“Unfortunately Woking doesn’t even have an airport either, so we had to fly into Fairoaks and then get a taxi into the town, which was a real pain in the arse to be honest.

“I think we flew there 12 times in one week once, which doesn’t even make sense, because he could have just stayed in a hotel, or stayed in the restaurant all day.”

Asked if he knew who the VIP was who insisted on flying to Woking so often we were told “No idea. Sorry.”