‘I was just passing’ insists royal assassin spotted in gallery at Ghislaine Maxwell trial

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A royal assassin spotted at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has insisted today that he was just passing by and decided to pop his head in to see what all the fuss was about with no intention of ‘offing’ anyone if they said anything ‘stupid’.

Simon Williams, who just happened to be in the neighbourhood at the time, confirmed his intentions earlier after being spotted in the courtroom staring at the defendant for two hours dragging his finger across his own neck.

Speaking earlier he told us ,“What? What did I do? I was just passing and thought I’d pop my head in, to see if anyone was saying anything that could get them… you know… into trouble.

“I’m definitely not going to kill anyone though, I just love New York baby, and happen to be in the City, for the duration of the trial.

“Obviously I don’t want anything to happen to Ms Maxwell, that would be really terrible, and if she were to have some sort of ‘accident’ before giving damning evidence regarding any other parties of interest that would be absolutely awful.

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“But you know, accidents do happen, especially if people don’t behave, and keep their fucking mouths shut, so let’s hope everything goes smoothly during this trial.”

Asked if he knows anything about the death of Jeffrey Epstein we were told, “Certainly not. I mean, granted, I just happened to be visiting another friend in prison the day he died but I didn’t see a thing. Honest.”