Boris Johnson responds to French criticism about Twitter diplomacy with Tik Tok diss video

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After the French govt’s cancellation of a meeting with Priti Patel over Downing Street’s decision to issue smug demands in a Twitter post, Boris Johnson has responded with a 25-second video of him slandering Macron’s mother and warning him to stay out of West London.

In it, the Prime Minister is seen to use a variety of filters to first give his face the characteristic of a female character in a Japanese anime, before switching to facial tattoos and a burning building background just as the music switches from cartoonish to darkside grime.

Boris Johnson then informs Emmanuel Macron that he and the whole cabinet ‘don’t care about cancelled meetings’ as they are too busy having carnal relations with the French President’s mother.

There were also brief images of Dominic Raab thrusting his groin towards a photo of Brigitte Macron and one second of Priti Patel in front of a display wall of knives and machetes.

In response, the French foreign ministry issued a brief statement.

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“Mr Johnson is a lazy arrogant buffoon at the best of times, but now he’s under attack for corruption, terrible handling of a sleaze scandal and giving drunk speeches about pigs, well, he’s become entirely predictable in his appeals to little English bigotry.

“Serious tragedies need serious responses, not cheap populist gestures.

“But, as we also have an election coming up, please go to our Youtube channel where NTM just made a song about how Carrie Johnson is so sket she sends our President nudes but there’s no chance because Manu don’t link a pigfucker’s sloppy seconds.

“And if you glide into Faubourg St Honore, we’ll duppy you pagans.”