Madonna fuming after being found in less than a minute in game of hide and seek

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Madonna is fuming today after lasting less than one full minute in a family game of hide and seek at her home.

The pop star, 32 (approximately) revealed her disappointment earlier after being somehow found by her partner whilst hiding in her bedroom in what appeared to be a genius and unfindable place.

Speaking earlier she told us “How the heck did he find me?!?

“I thought that he’d take like forever, I was laughing my bleeding tits off, before getting them out for the camera.

“I love a good game of hide and seek I do, so we thought that we’d have a little game to help celebrate the holiday, just to pass some time you know.

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“Anyway, I was looking everywhere for somewhere to hide, in the wardrobes, behind the sofa and even behind the curtain.

“Then I thought, I’ve got it, under the bed! He’ll never look there, it’s brilliant, I’ll be there for hours it will be hilarious

“Anyway, somehow he must have seen me because I only lasted a minute, and now it’s my fricking turn.”

Asked why she was dressed in only a pair of tights and a bra, wearing a pair of red-soled stiletto’s she told us, “Because it’s Thursday.”