It’s not misogynistic to call Nadine Dorries ‘f**king useless’ if she really is ‘f**king useless’, insists man

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A man has hit back against accusations he was misogynistic towards Culture Minister Nadin Dorries, insisting it’s not misogyny to call a woman ‘f**king useless’, if she is, indeed, ‘f**king useless’.

Simon Williams faced accusations of misogyny online after repeatedly describing the current culture secretary as useless and unfit for the job.

He told us, “I don’t get it, how am I a misogynist? It had nothing to do with her being a woman. I just think anyone who went on prime time television to eat kangaroo anus shouldn’t be let within a hundred yards of this country’s cultural output.

“I also think it’s hugely hypocritical for her to be in charge of a bill to reduce online abuse when her own Twitter account is full of examples of precisely the sort of abuse she claims to want to stop.

“None of this has anything to do with her being a woman, it’s just to do with her being utterly useless and incredibly ill-suited to this senior government position.

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“You can tell it’s not misogyny because I’m treating her exactly the same way I would a man, and I often say the same sort of things about Boris Johnson, Grant Shapps, Dominic Raab, Jacob Rees-Mogg and others, all of whom are also f**king useless, and none of whom have a vagina.

“Though no doubt she’ll probably accuse me of misandry now.”

A spokesperson for Dorries told us, “This continued misogynistic abuse is further evidence that we need the new online abuse bill, so Nadine can lock up these people who say nasty things about her on social media.

“Because silencing them is probably the only way she can keep her job, given that frankly, she’s f**king useless.”NEWS!