Bruce Willis spotted aboard Nasa Dart rocket holding industrial sized drilling equipment

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Bruce Willis was spotted aboard Nasa’s Dart rocket it has been revealed today, holding some large industrial-sized drilling equipment along with a group of other misfits as it blasted off from the earth.

The Hollywood actor, who has previously saved the world, was seen boarding the craft this morning looking anxious and concerned along with a group of friends and what appeared to be a massive drill and a medium-sized nuclear bomb.

A Spokesperson for Nasa confirmed, “It’s nothing to worry about….. honestly.

“We have just decided to send Bruce up there, with some of his misfit friends, who happen to be the best people in the world at drilling, along with a nuclear bomb as part of a little test thingy.

“There isn’t a massive asteroid coming towards the earth, that is going to kill us all and wipe out civilisation, we promise.

“Although if you have a very large telescope, I would refrain from looking through it for now, just in case you see anything, you know, a bit scary.

“Just carry on with your lives as normal, we are not pinning our hopes on this ‘mission’ landing on an asteroid and blowing it apart with seconds to spare in order to save the whole world.

“It’s just a little test mission to test things, that’s all. We promise.

“But erm… Just in case anything bad does happen, you know, way in the future… tell all of your family you love them. Now. While there is still time.”