Protests across Europe as people demand right to transmit Covid

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Protests have swept across Europe as people everywhere demand the right to catch and transmit Covid.

With cases rising at alarming rates, several countries, including Austria, Netherlands, and Belgium have introduced lockdowns and restrictions aimed at bring cases back down to manageable levels.

This has upset many people who believe it is their right to contract Covid and spread it to friends, family and colleagues.

“The state cannot dictate whether or not I choose to contract Covid,” said Austrian man Simon Williaams, as he took a break from protesting to tuck into a hearty plate of strudel.

“I am a free man. If I want to go out and breathe in some coronavirus germs, then that is my right to do so and the government should not be stopping me.

“It is important to me, that, as an Austrian, I remain free to go out and lick a stranger’s face, to eat used tissues and to suck on a door handle. That is why I am protesting today, that is why we are all protesting

“I want to catch Covid and no one should be able to stop me.”

It is understood that protesters intend to keep up their brave battle until the Governments across Europe capitulate and agree to spray coronavirus into everyone’s face.