Man who labelled BLM protestors ‘violent thugs’ happy to laud Dutch rioters as ‘brave freedom fighters’

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A man watching the nightly violence on the streets of major European cities has today lauded the rioters as ‘brave freedom fighters’, despite insisting the mostly peaceful BLM of last summer were orchestrated by ‘violent thugs’.

Simon Williams, 45, claims that the riots in the Netherlands and Austria are merely the perfectly normal reaction from people being denied their freedom, despite not being able to articulate any position that doesn’t end in “I just want to be able to do what I like, regardless of how it affects others, without permission or consequence”.

He explained, “Last summer’s BLM protests were clearly designed to throw the nation into darkness – no, not like that, I mean metaphorically, and yes, even people like me know what metaphors are.

“BLM is all about violence, which you can clearly see when tens of thousands of people took part in peaceful marches last year.  They only stayed peaceful to lure the gullible into supporting them – they’re all violent Marxists really.

“But this nightly violence with the lockdown protests in Europe is just peaceful Europeans wanting to go about their business, but having no choice but to set fire to things because they’re not being allowed to.

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“It couldn’t be more different.

“I take offence to any suggestion that my approval of violence is based on whether or not I agree with the cause being promoted by those being violent.

“I mean, yes, it’s a suggestion that’s entirely correct, I just don’t like it when people say it. It makes my brain feel funny.”