Carrie Johnson appears in video call with IOC chief to explain she doesn’t believe Boris has “buyer’s remorse”

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Boris Johnson’s wife has just sat through a 30-minute Zoom discussion with IOC president Thomas Bach to explain that she was safe, not remotely upset about claims her husband had joked about having buyer’s remorse and asked the press for privacy in this trying time.

In the video, she explained that speculation about her being kept hostage was slanderous and that her marriage was going absolutely swimmingly, and no, she can’t pan the camera around to see if she’s really alone because it’s a really heavy webcam.

However, some veteran Downing Street observers, like Guardian correspondent Poppy Simons-Williams, explained that people should not take the call at face value.

She explained, “You have to understand how things work over there. Carrie is dealing with a ruthless organisation that cares only about power and for whom morality is weakness.

“Would you cross someone from a family of violent women abusers who is such a sociopath he would cheat on his wife when she gets cancer?

“There are also cultural nuances that are hard for an outsider to grasp. In ‘Tory world’, a claim that you have utter faith in someone is often mistranslated as meaning you trust that person. Whereas depending on the context, it can actually mean you know he’s a lying sack of shit but you’re going to use it to force him to splash 20-grand on wallpaper, or that you’re so utterly spineless you will endure no end of humiliation just to ingratiate yourself.

“And then there’s the matter of thinking the IOC will be seen as an impartial organisation. Was Sepp Blatter too busy?”