Queen to appear in new series of Trigger Happy TV

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After Meghan Duchess of Sussex took part in some ‘pranks’ on the Ellen show, the Queen has announced she will take part in a new series of the best hidden camera prank show, Trigger Happy TV.

With footage emerging overnight showing the Duchess of Sussex taking part in a prank ‘hidden camera’ skit during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Royal sources have today revealed that Her Majesty the Queen will also be performing a series of hilarious pranks on unsuspecting members of the public as part of a new TV series.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace revealed “We thought about doing that thing with Ant and Dec too, where they talk in her ear, but she really struggles to understand Geordies.

“The Queen is furious that Meghan gets to do interviews with Ellen and show everyone how funny she is, and wants to get in there too and show people that she is even funnier, and up for pretty much anything.

“That’s why she has decided to take part in a number of side-splitting pranks as part of a new series of Trigger Happy TV just to show how funny and down to earth she really is.

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“It’s going to be hilarious. Miles funnier than that other one over there in America thinking she’s great and everyone loves her and doesn’t care what colour her baby is.

“She’s going to be recreating some Trigger Happy classics, including answering a really massive mobile phone in a library, which will be brilliant, crawling across a pedestrian crossing dressed as a snail, and also showing people a picture of Prince Andrew, and asking people if they ‘have seen this man?’”

Asked when filming will start for the series we were told, “Well she’s a bit busy for the next few weeks. Don’t miss I’m a Celebrity later! That’s all I’m saying!”

Public service announcement: The first series of Trigger Happy TV is now on Netflix!