Child has some questions about film they’re watching

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A preschooler has a whole raft of important questions about the film that’s on.

Simon Williams had the day off so he thought he’d watch a film with his three-year-old daughter Chloe.

“I made a big bag of salted popcorn – Chloe doesn’t really like it so I knew I’d get to eat it all – and we settled down to watch her choice of movie,” said Simon.

“She’d picked ‘Frozen number two’ on the basis that, like Toy Story and The Godfather, it was a rare example of a sequel being superior to the original.

“Well, I assume that’s what she meant – what she actually said was that Frozen number one had a scary snow monster but that she didn’t mind the rock monsters in number two.

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“We were barely minutes into the film when she asked her first question – ‘Why are they singing?’

“I explained that, in addition to providing a catchy tune and some great visual gags, the song was doing a lot of heavy-lifting in the exposition department.

“That shut her up for a moment, but other questions soon followed. They included:

“What’s that? Is that Elsa? Why is she sad? What’s that? Where’s Elsa? Why? Why are they kissing? What’s that? Why? Is that funny? Where’s Elsa? Why? Why? Why? Why?

“At the end, I attempted to explain that the Olaf which Elsa creates isn’t the original but just a clone with his memories and that the original snowman is still very much dead – but she just wasn’t getting it.”

Chloe said, “There’s a lot I still don’t understand about the film. That’s why I plan to watch it every single day for the next twelve months.”