Fury as BBC anniversary programme plans show strong bias in favour of BBC

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The BBC has been slammed for its announcement of a series of programmes scheduled for its anniversary next year that appear to all be biased in favour of the BBC.

“It’s a disgrace, once again we’re seeing clear evidence of BBC bias,” said Simon Williams, a normal person who pays his bloody licence fee, you know.

“All of these programmes are just about the BBC. What about ITV? What about Sky? If the BBC was a balanced and fair organisation, as they claim, then if you have a series about the history of the BBC, then why don’t you have a series about the history of Channel 5 as well?

“I’ll tell you why. Because the BBC isn’t interested in balance. It’s just interested in promoting its own agenda.”

The centenary programming will be spread across all BBC channels on both television and radio.

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“Wall-to-wall BBC propaganda is what it is,” continued a worryingly red-faced Mr Williams.

“It says in the BBC charter that they have a duty to provide all viewpoints. Probably. I mean I haven’t read it or anything, but I’d imagine that’s what it says.

“But I can tell you. They won’t provide the viewpoint that the BBC is actually the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, and that’s my viewpoint, and I pay my bloody licence fee you know.”

Mr Williams then went for a lie-down, but not before he confirmed that he wouldn’t be watching any of the programming.

“No, absolutely not. Point of principle. I won’t watch anything on the BBC… except for the Harry Enfield bits. He’s quite funny – ‘Loadsamoney!’”