New Spider-Man trailer shows glimpse of alternate universe in which Jurgen wins Bake Off

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After the release of the new Spider-Man No Way Home trailer overnight, fans are celebrating a further glimpse into the multiverse which showed a universe where Jurgen won Bake Off.

The affable German was eliminated from the baking show last night in this universe, but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he is now well on his way to winning the whole thing.

Marvel executive Chuck Williams told us, “The multiverse has offered us a plethora of new story-telling opportunities for some of your favourite characters, and one of those opportunities is a universe in which Pru and Paul really love the flavour combination of Macha and Raspberry and where Pru’s favourite colour is a really pale-looking green.

“That small change leads Jurgen into the final and the series victory millions of viewers feel he deserved.

“Spider-Man will obviously have the main role in saving the universe depicted in the movie, but the viewers will recognise that the universe is that much more worth saving now that Jurgen is the Bake Off winner.

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“I don’t want to give you any spoilers, but Happy Hogan will become obsessed by Jurgen’s German biscuits, and we may well see the German master baker get his own episode in the next series of ‘What-If’.

“We want fans to realise that all things are possible in the multiverse, and we’re confident No Way Home will delight fans of Spider-Man and Bake Off alike.

“But no, all things are possible but we can’t bring back Natasha Romanov – sorry.”

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