New Spider-Man trailer confirms there WILL be at least THREE actors in it

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There will be at least three actors in the new Spider-Man film, it has been confirmed.

Fans had been speculating and clamouring for confirmation of the presence of three actors in the same film, and last night’s latest trailer confirmed that.

“YEAHHHHH!” screamed Simon Williams, a fan of Spider-Man and actors.

“There are definitely going to be three actors, maybe even four or five!

“What a film this will be. It’s going to be FANTASTIC, by the standards of superhero movies.”

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Sony studio executive, Hayley Rice, grinned, “Yeah, we couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

“There are going to be at least three actors in the film. We won’t say how many, we want to keep SOME surprises you know! But we are so glad the fan have reacted so positively to the news of three actors.”

Jay Cooper, whose logic stretches beyond the context of this article, said, “I mean… obviously?

“This is a big, loud, superhero movie, not Waiting For Godot. There were always going to be a shitload of actors in it.

“I say ‘actors’, it’s mainly people pulling faces in front of a green screen.”

Simon Williams countered, “Urgh, you just don’t get it. THREE ACTORS!”