Bruce Wayne under pressure to resign after revelations of second job

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Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is being put under huge public pressure to resign after incredible revelations surfaced in the tabloids that he has another job.

The owner of Wayne Industries, criticized for years after inheriting the uber-successful company rather than building it from nothing like a proper entrepreneur, was revealed to have an apparent ‘high-profile role’ as a ‘brand ambassador in the Security sector’.

Wayne Industries’ junior PR executive, Dick Grayson, said, “Whilst Mr Wayne does not deny holding a non-executive role in an entirely separate area, he wishes it to remain redacted for the purposes of national security.

“Mr Wayne would like to make it clear that he does deny moonlighting, putting that entirely down to Commissioner Gordon.”

Gotham City’s Woke Snowflake Party council member, Simon Williams, said, “What could a billionaire industrialist possibly have to do with national security!? It’s utter nonsense!

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“This is just typical secretive billionaire behaviour, using their considerable wealth to hide things they don’t want the public to know about.

“Let’s face it: it’s bound to be corrupt behaviour, otherwise they’d be happy to make it public record. That, or grand tax avoidance on a huge scale. I mean, he’s like THAT with the current police commissioner, so something smells really fishy here.

“If Mr Wayne had any real integrity, he would stand down from his other role and be prepared to face the consequences.

“I mean, if he was doing something for the public good, he’d be more than happy to plaster it all over the tabloids. Like all the other billionaires do.”