Brexiter celebrates UK’s wonderful new opportunity to pay higher credit card transaction charges

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As Amazon announced it would stop allowing customers to pay using Visa Credit cards due to a rise in fees charged by the payment company, Brexiters everywhere have celebrated the opportunity to give more money to banks.

Visa and other payment processors are increasing the fees they charge for transactions on UK credit cards, now they are no longer bound by the cap on charges put in place by the EU, something which has delighted Brexit supporters.

Brexit voter Simon Williams told us, “How dare the EU impose a cap on what payment providers can charge businesses to take my money?  Sure, they will dress it up as something they did to benefit consumers, and sure it might have led to a bit less money going into the pockets of the banks, but it is over-reach on an epic scale.

“Brexit was about freedom, and freedom includes the freedom to pay more for things, or for UK companies to make less money when they sell me things. If I want a payment provider to fleece me simply for moving money from A to B, then I should be free to let that happen.”

Meanwhile, non-morons have asked if it is possible to see both sides lose when a billionaire goes to war with a banking organisation.

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Newspaper reader Derek Matthews told us, “Jeff Bezos vs Visa – blimey, how do you pick a side in that fight?

“On one side is a faceless banking entity skimming money off the top of billions of necessary transactions like some low-rent loan shark, and on the other side the richest man on the planet who runs a company where people struggle to go for a piss.

“Is there any possible way this could end with them both going out of business? No? Shame.”

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