Shock new evidence of Marilyn Manson’s descent into hellish depravity: Live, Laugh, Love wallpaper in his home

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New evidence that shock-rocker Marilyn Manson is a dangerously unpleasant and self-centred lunatic has emerged with photographs that his home contains a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ mural.

Manson has denied allegations of decades of abusive and dangerous behaviour, but the popular, affirming slogan is a staunch favourite of the very worst people you will ever meet.

Experts described Manson’s use of the slogan as a ‘bigger red flag than all the blood, swastikas and songs about murder’.

“Most people with a live, laugh, love mural are middle-aged, wear far too much makeup and hair dye, can’t hold a human relationship for more than six months and have screaming matches with their neighbours over stuff that is entirely their fault,” said interior designer Simon Williams.

“So really it’s no surprise that Manson has got one prominently displayed in his hallway.”

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The slogan is painted in black, cursive script, and has several abstract curliques which might be ferns or branches painted round it, leading experts and pretty much everyone else for that matter to conclude the design is supposed to be uplifting and sincere in spite of all the contrary evidence.

“When you find someone with Live, Laugh, Love painted on their wall, it’s usually only a matter of time before Police start digging up the cellar for bodies,” Williams confirmed.

When asked, Manson said, “I wanna live, I wanna laugh, I wanna long hard love in my home.”