Man already on third bottle of ‘Christmas’ Baileys

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A man has already started his third bottle of ‘Christmas’ Baileys it has been revealed today.

Simon Williams, who purchased the bottle on Saturday to have in the house over Christmas, ended up opening it last night with his wife, just to have a little one seeing as it’s almost December.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yeah that’s the third one now.

“I decided to buy some Baileys last week, just to have in over Christmas you know, and because it was on special offer in Asda.

“But then we just fancied a small one after finishing a bottle of red, and ended up finishing the bottle, because you can’t really see how much is still in there.

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“Then the same thing happened on Friday when we were feeling really Christmassy because the John Lewis ad was on telly, we ended up finishing the lot.

“It really wasn’t our fault this time. They should make the bottle see-through or something. Or not be allowed to sell it until December.”

Asked why they ended up opening the third bottle on Sunday, when they knew they had to get up for work we were told, “The neighbours across the road started putting up their Christmas lights.”