Lottery jackpot winner blows fortune on THREE-night stay at Lake District hotel

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A lottery jackpot winner has blown their fortune completely this week after splashing out on a THREE-night break at a Lake District hotel.

Simon Williams, who scooped the jackpot last week as a single-ticket winner, made the lavish purchase after realising he could actually afford it when looking at the costs online.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yes, I’ve got nothing left. Not a penny.

“But what a lovely holiday, we managed to go for three nights, and breakfast was included so you can’t really argue with that.

“I’ve always wanted to go to the Lake District for a couple of days with the wife, but obviously couldn’t afford it, because I wasn’t a multi-millionaire who could justify spending that money.

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“Particularly after lockdown, when the prices have gone even higher, just to stay in a room, with nothing else going on.

“But then I won the lottery so decided to just go for it, and surprise the wife for her birthday, she couldn’t actually believe it, particularly when I told her I’d spent the lot.

“I wanted to go at the weekend to be honest, but that was a bit too expensive, so we managed to get a midweek deal Tuesday to Thursday, and they even threw in the breakfast, for two of the days anyway, it was a really great deal.

Asked if the evening meal was included, given the total cost, we were told, “No.”