‘I just make most of this stuff up to be honest’ admits Professor Brian Cox

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Professor Brian Cox has revealed today that he ‘just tends to make shit up’ when it comes to massive numbers and facts about the universe.

Speaking about his popular BBC documentary Universe, Professor Cox, who is actually a musician and does physics for a laugh revealed most of the ‘facts’ and information in the programme about the universe are simply made up on the spot in order to sound really cool.

Speaking earlier, approximately 0.000000000087 light-years ago, or something, he told us “Yeah I just make it all up to sound really cool.

“I mean who gives a shit really? The universe could be 13.8 billion years old, it could be 14 billion. Let’s face it, for all we know it could be more like 9 billion and we’ve completely guessed it wrong.

“It just sounds really clever to come up with a mad number and sound like you know what you’re talking about. Then you can go on telly.

“Like how many stars there are, how the fuck do I know? I know it’s more than 40 but once you get into the millions and billions, you may as well just make it up.

“You can just say what you want. The scientists make it up too when they talk about all these ‘light years’, and how galaxies collided billions of years ago. It’s all bollocks probably. They weren’t there.”

Asked if he thinks the age of the earth is accurate at 4.543 billion years he told us “Yeah whatever, give or take a couple of billion.”