Man rules out perfectly acceptable holiday destination after TripAdvisor review claims toast was slightly overcooked

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A man has ruled out his 14th entirely acceptable holiday destination in a row today after a scathing TripAdvisor review with accompanying photo revealed slightly overcooked toast at breakfast.

Simon Williams, who also ruled out another hotel because there was a fly on one of the balconies according to a disgruntled reviewer, made his decision earlier after almost finding the hotel of his dreams for an all-inclusive stay with the family.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “Nope, can’t go there. Reject. Reject

“I thought I’d found the perfect holiday again, so I popped on to TripAdvisor for a look, just to see what the real holidaymakers said before I could make my decision.

“The first seven reviews were amazing, but then this lady had an absolute nightmare at breakfast one morning where her toast got completely burned, because the conveyor thing was on the wrong setting.

“She also said another holidaymaker looked at her funny one day and she had to wait over 40 seconds for a towel another time because the assistant was late to the towel hut.

“I’m not having that. Sounds like an absolute shithole. I’ll have to keep on looking for another one I like, and then go on TripAdvisor again just so I can rule it out, because someone didn’t like the smell of the free soap.”

Asked how long he has been looking for his holiday he told us, “Two months solid now, for about three hours a day.”