Outrage as woke, antifa Call of Duty game demands that you literally kill Nazis

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The latest Call of Duty game is a woke piece of shit and would dye its hair if it had any, according to reports this morning.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is set during World War Two, when the rest of the world had a bit of a disagreement with Germany.

However, Call of Duty: Vanguard demands that the player literally shoots Nazis in order to progress.

“So much for the ‘tolerant left’,” sniffed Simon Williams, who used to quite like the Great Escape until recently.

“Everything is peace and love until someone has a different opinion about what should happen to the Jews, isn’t it?

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“How about a game where everyone respects each other’s opinions, regardless of what they are or regardless of which sections of humanity those opinions demand be exterminated?

“Wouldn’t that be a better game? Wouldn’t that be a better world?”

Gamer and intelligent person, Hayley Rice, said, “No, and also no.

“Shooting Nazis has been a gaming staple since Wolfenstein. We’re not going to pack it in just because Simon enjoys making excuses for far-right talking points.”