Aldi Christmas advert to feature ALF getting off with a divorced housewife

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Aldi has revealed a short clip of their upcoming Christmas advert to viewers today featuring ALF getting off with a divorced housewife in Surrey.

With John Lewis revealing their own traditional tear-jerker advert to the public today, Aldi has immediately followed suit with a purely co-incidental similar advert themselves which will see Alien Life Form ALF descent to earth at Christmas, and bag off with a local mum.

A spokesperson for Aldi’s advertising department revealed, “Yeah we’ve got an alien too, we thought of it, like… erm ages ago.

“Our advert is a real tear-jerker too, an emotional rollercoaster and perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas, with the use of an alien, and a story of love, between ALF and Janet, a 42-year-old divorced mother of three.

“It’s beautiful, and in no way a copy of the John Lewis one, so they can’t take us to court, because ours is an older woman and not a young kid, and we thought of ours first anyway, honest.

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“We just hope that it reminds people the true meaning of Christmas, which is spending lots of money at Aldi, because of an alien called ALF.”

Asked to comment on the advert, John Lewis told us, “Cheeky bastards. Every sodding time.”