Saying ‘Brexshit’ on Twitter really starting to shift opinion with Leave voters

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People who refer to Brexit as ‘Brexshit’ on Twitter are really starting to win over Leavers with their sophisticated argument.

“I’ve never been a big believer in the EU project,” said Leaver Simon Williams.

“That’s why I voted to leave. But, I’ve got to be honest, when I go on Twitter and see someone referring to Brexit as ‘Brexshit,’ it really makes me stop and think.

“I mean ‘Brexshit,’ you know? I’d never thought of it like that before. I mean, there are arguments around sovereignty weighed against those of economics, and I’d considered all of them at the time of the referendum. But ‘Brexshit’ – that changes everything, if they held another referendum now, I’d probably vote to remain in the EU because, you know, ‘Brexshit’.”

Eleanor Gay is a Twitter user who regularly says ‘Brexshit.’

“Yeah, it’s clever because it’s saying ‘Brexit,’ but it’s also saying ‘shit.’ It’s like saying Brexit is shit in a really clever way.”

‘Brexshit’ is not the first time a fiendishly clever bit of Twitter-based wordplay has proved a success. In 2011, repeated use of ‘Tony B Liar’ on Twitter caused the former Prime Minister to admit to the people of Britain that he’d been untruthful about the Iraq war and then submit himself to The Hague for any potential war crime charges.