Cristiano Ronaldo emerges for training utterly exhausted after night spent practising goal celebration in mirror

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Cristiano Ronaldo has emerged for training this morning utterly exhausted after spending 8 full hours last night looking at himself in the mirror and trying to perfect his goal celebration.

With the Portuguese striker rescuing a point for Man Utd in the Champions League last night, a weary-looking Ronaldo arrived at training this morning rubbing his eyes after staying up looking at himself in the mirror all night until 8am this morning.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I was amazing last night wasn’t I? I mean how good did I look?

“The way I just ran away from everyone into the corner to do my celebration and managed to land it perfectly whilst tensing all my big muscles for the camera.

“Obviously it’s important to get the point for the team, but not as important as how good I look at the final whistle when I know the camera is following me.

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“I need to work on my hair a little bit, which is what I was doing last night, and try to lift my shirt up a bit more but make it look more natural like I am wiping my face, whilst remembering to tense up my abs.

“But practice makes perfect, and if I spend a bit more time in front of the mirror I know I can get the results.”

Asked if he is pleased with the team performance he told us, “Siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Did you film that?”