Priti Patel dresses up as Priti Patel for Halloween party

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Priti Patel is understood to have terrified the other guests at the Annual Tory Halloween party by dressing up as Priti Patel.

“It was bloody petrifying,” said a fellow party-goer.

“The fancy dress was pretty good for most people. There was a Frankenstein, a Freddie Krueger, a ghost of a sensible fiscal policy. But it was all in good fun.

“But then Priti Patel walked in dressed as Priti Patel and my blood froze. It was just the scariest thing you can imagine. It was uncanny as well. It was a really good costume. It looked just like Priti Patel. Really convincing.

“One of the guys from the Foreign Office has got a Polish sounding name, he took one look at Priti’s costume and just ran away and hid in the toilets before he remembered it was only a party, and she was unlikely to deport him then and there.”

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Other party-goers criticised Ms Patel’s choice of costume.

“Yeah, I didn’t like it if I’m honest,” said a visibly shaken woman.

“I thought it was a bit much. I mean, it’s a party. It’s meant to be a bit of fun. Then all of a sudden you see someone dressed up as Priti Patel? I mean, that’s just in bad taste. I wouldn’t dress up as Rose West, would I? Out of order, if you ask me.”

It is thought to the be the scariest sight at a Tory Halloween party since Michael Howard turned up to the 2012 event saying he’d forgotten it was fancy dress.