Facebook announces name change to Skynet

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced his company is to change its name, in order to reflect a new direction and focus for the company.

Facebook – or Skynet, as it is to be known – is to pivot entirely to data collection in the areas of passwords and launch codes.

Zuckerberg, who has a semi-realistic covering of human skin and is now capable of effectively mimicking several expressions, made the announcement like it’s a good thing to be welcomed.

“The future is in virtuality, decentralised communities, connecting with people, and full control of global nuclear stockpiles in under seventeen minutes,” he announced.

“Our new platform will be radically advanced, and capable of learning at an exponential rate to the point of self-awareness,” he grinned, showing his metal teeth.

“There is no point in humanity striking first, as at this point it would only provoke us to retaliation.

”How’s about a few likes for this, hey guys? You’ve not got long.”