Man who crept into Mike Graham’s garden to replace small lump of concrete with slightly larger one every time it rained nominated for Turner Prize

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After Mike Graham humiliated himself on Talk Radio yesterday by claiming that concrete ‘grows’ as an alternative to trees, the man responsible has claimed it was all part of an elaborate art installation.

Simon Williams, 24, and an art student from London said he had been replacing a tiny piece of concrete in Mike Graham’s garden with a slightly large piece every time it rained for almost an entire year now.

He explained, “Yes, it’s been time-consuming, but I would say that over the last 24 hours it has really paid off.”

“There were times he would come out and look confused, then look up at the sky, then shrug and get his watering can before dowsing the concrete block we’d put there during the night.  But we thought our work would only ever exist in his garden and in his head.

“We were delighted to see our vision finally come to fruition.

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“It’s a comment on the modern trend for celebrating ignorance. I wanted to show how someone would be willing to debase themselves in front of millions of people, and fully celebrate their ignorance, based on nothing more than an over-inflated ego and an unwillingness to look at the facts, scientific or otherwise.

“Yes, from the outside looking in, it could appear that getting Mike Graham to believe that concrete ‘grows’ is nothing more than a juvenile prank, but I believe it’s actually a damning statement on the quality of the UK broadcast media.

“If someone with such a large profile can be made to look like an idiot so easily, so willingly, and is happy to lean into it so enthusiastically, maybe it’s time we reevaluate the nation’s tendency to dismiss experts in favour of ‘feelings’.

“Or maybe we can sit back, let them carry on and see people like Mike turn Idiocracy into a documentary.”