Chilly girl in office sets fire to duvet and pops it around her shoulders

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A girl who found herself ‘a bit chilly’ in her office has popped on a duvet that she’d set on fire in an attempt to warm up a bit.

Eleanor Gay, a claims handler at Lennox and Stewart Insurance Ltd, found herself feeling the chill earlier this morning.

Banned from using the office thermostat following the mass-fainting incident in September, and knowing that her cardie simply wasn’t up to the task of combatting the stark chill of a humid October morning, Ms Gay was prepared.

From her huge bag, she pulled a 32.5 tog duvet, doused it in petrol and set it alight before wrapping it around her shoulders and sighing – ‘ah, that’s better’.

“El is always going on about being cold,” explained her co-worker Simon Williams.

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“One day, she brought in a free-standing bath and just worked in that all day, occasionally topping it up from the hot tap. Another day, she came in with a towel warmer stuck up her jumper.

“When I smelt paraffin and burning duvet I just went –‘oh, hello, that’ll be El again’.”

After wearing the flaming duvet for several minutes, Ms Gay collapsed with second-degree burns.

As she was rushed away in an ambulance, she could be heard asking for another foil blanket as she was ‘absolutely freezing.’

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