Audiences walk out of new Dune movie after discovering it doesn’t feature Sting in his underpants.

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Movie audiences have been expressing serious disappointment with the new adaptation of Dune after discovering that at no point does Sting appear in his undercrackers.

Sting – real name Gordon Sumner – appeared as Feyd in the 1984 adaptation and it is widely agreed that his role was vital to realising the artistic merits of the film.

The omission has led to audiences complaining, and in some cases walking out and demanding their money back.

“It’s a travesty, an 80’s cod-Jamaican warbler without any trousers on is central to Frank Herbert’s original vision of a far-future galaxy wracked by betrayal and war!” insisted Cineaste Simon Williams.

“By removing that central theme – and the theme by Toto as well – Hollywood has once again betrayed the artist and their original work.”

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However, Simon’s girlfriend disagreed, saying that whilst the young Sting was all very well, so long as Jason Mamoa spends five or ten minutes wandering around in his boxers and nothing else the $165 million budget won’t have been a complete waste.