Naming my social media platform after the official newspaper of the Soviet Communist Party is ‘a total coincidence’ insists Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has announced a new social media platform named after the Soviet publication synonymous with propaganda, and none of this is remotely surprising.

Pravda (“Truth”) was launched in 1912 with the sole aim of keeping the Soviet people believing whatever the Soviet regime wanted them to believe, and now just one hundred and nine years later, Donald Trump is doing precisely the same thing with hopefully the same outcome.

However, Trump is now also on the verge of being sued by the estate of George Orwell for repeatedly copying the ideas of Ingsoc from the novel 1984.

A Trump Organisation official told us, “We strongly deny that if 1984 was written today, Big Brother wouldn’t implement the Ministry of Truth, but would instead launch a TruthSocial platform.

“Orwell’s Ministry of Truth was designed solely to correct the records to ensure everything Big Brother does is considered ‘the truth, whereas we are launching TruthSocial so we can effectively demonstrate why Donald Trump is the only person telling you the truth – it’s very different.  I don’t see how you can even pretend they are similar ideas.”

“And people will try to criticise us for effectively calling our social network ‘Pravda’, but Pravda worked brilliantly for about eighty years, and that’s way more successful than any Trump business to date.

“So we are confident TruthSocial will be a huge success – because if there is one thing Trump supporters absolutely love, it’s being repeatedly lied to while being told it’s the truth.”

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