Man celebrates his ‘genius progeny’ after nursery teacher says child doing ‘really well’

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A man is celebrating a child genius today after a teacher told him his son was doing ‘really well’ at nursery during a parents evening meeting, something which she definitely won’t have said to everyone she spoke to that day.

Simon Williams, who immediately posted the news on Facebook, and texted all his friends, learned the news earlier after speaking to his young son’s teacher for three minutes, where she happily informed him that his child was doing ‘really well’.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Wow. So proud. What a little superstar genius. I think he’s going to be a scientist or something by the sound of it.

“I spoke to the teacher earlier for parents evening and it couldn’t have gone any better, she actually said he was doing REALLY WELL, not just well, but really well, and I doubt she said that to any other parents.

“I knew he was talented, because he’s quite good a colouring-in, and he can point to pictures of animals and tell me what they are, but I didn’t think he was THIS good, I mean he’s clearly going places.

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“He’s probably going to be a doctor actually, by the way that she was describing him. It’s amazing, I bet all the other parents are jealous.”

Asked to comment on the glowing report, fellow parent Hayley Rice told us after her appointment, “She said exactly the same to me about my child, but got their name wrong twice, and thought she was a boy.”