‘Legal’ ‘papers’ ‘served’ to hospital by anti-vaxers instantly filed under ‘bullshit’

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The so-called ‘legal papers’ that were supposedly served to a hospital yesterday have been chucked carelessly into the drawer of a filing cabinet labelled ‘bullshit’.

A number of anti-vaxxers filmed themselves turning up at Colchester Hospital clutching what they believed to be legal documents that they had spent two hours the previous day generating on their Mum’s printer, which they then believed they served to bemused hospital staff.

“At first I thought some patients had escaped from the psychiatric ward upstairs and made their way down here,” administrator Eleanor Gay told us.

“But I very quickly realised that these guys weren’t displaying the typical symptoms of genuine psychiatric distress – they’re just as thick as pig shit.”

She went on, “I didn’t catch everything they were saying, partly because I was trying to do my actual job at the time, but mostly because as soon as I heard them mention the ‘Nuremberg Code’ and the Pope I sort of tuned out.

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“When they finally finished their inane pseudo-legal babble that they’d obviously learn off by heart from YouTube, they left and naturally I just chucked all the paperwork in a special drawer in the filing cabinet we reserve for such bullshit.

“So now it is sat in there along with all the promises the Tory government have made to support the NHS over the last decade.”

Dangerous bellend Simon Williams, who was among the group attempting to serve the papers told his 231 subscribers on Youtube, “The hospital now has a legal requirement to stop their crimes against humanity of treating people with this hoax they call Covid, which doesn’t exist, in the name of the Pope and Nuremberg and that.

“I got dressed up in my best tracksuit to deliver those, which definitely makes them proper legal documents.”