Pranksters trick Nigel Farage into finally being interviewed by someone with an IQ higher than a whelk

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Internet jokesters have once again abused the trusting nature of Britain’s foremost xenophobe by luring him into a conversation with an Irish journalist who doesn’t think that seven failed election attempts and a smoking habit makes someone a political titan.

Simon Williams, spokesperson for Mr Farage’s latest Jersey-based company whose name suggests it’s a political party, explained that tricksters used devious methods to get his boss in front of a camera with someone who won’t let him spout utter bollocks unchallenged.

He explained, “It’s never been a problem so far. Anytime Nigel had to go on telly he was always facing barely sentient creatures from the British tabloids or GB News. Frankly, our problem was always making sure he didn’t use any word that sounded too foreign in case his hosts ran shrieking from the set.

“But suddenly he’s in front of some demented creature who insists that if you are part of the privileged group that gets to go on air to broadcast your views to potentially millions of people, then you should have some vague inkling about what you’re talking about. It’s utter madness!”

Asked if two decades of being involved in politics should have prepared Mr Farage to talk to a real journalist for a minute without being publicly humiliated, Mr Williams explained that unique circumstances made this unlikely.

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“When he’s not in Belize discussing a perfectly legitimate fiscal avoidance scheme with Slavic gentlemen, Nigel’s back in good old Blighty talking to pub-goers. Usually in a Wetherspoons.

“Frankly, we tend to see it as an evening of challenging scholarly debate when no one has pissed on the fruit machines.”