My child is watching Squid Game for the critiques of capitalism and not the blood

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A parent is defending her choice to let her child watch Squid Game.

The Netflix hit, which is basically a dramatised version of It’s A Knockout but with added death and some on-the-nose social commentary, has been an international smash hit. So of course little Timmy wants to watch it.

“And it’s absolutely fine that he does, even though he’s seven,” insisted Timmy’s mother.

“He watches it under my supervision, which makes it fine, even though I never, ever turn it off regardless of what happens on the screen. That doesn’t make my supervision redundant or anything.

“Anyway, he’s watching it for the satire of Korean history, the exploration of man’s inhumanity to man and the subtle critiques of capitalism. The violence is the last thing on his mind.”

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Little Timmy commented, “I liked when all the people died.

“I didn’t really like the police investigation stuff, that was boring, and I didn’t really know what was happening when that old man in the gold mask was naked, but the bits with the blood and the guns and the people hitting each other were brilliant.

“I wish the whole show was just blood rather than people moving their mouths while someone else made the sounds. That was strange too.”

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