Man begins weekly task of replacing old uneaten bananas with fresh ones from the supermarket

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A man has begun his weekly task today of replacing old uneaten bananas and spuds with fresh ones he’s bought from the supermarket.

Simon Williams, who will also be throwing out strawberries and some bread, returned from his weekly supermarket shop earlier after purchasing lots of fresh food for his family to be able to throw away next week.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yeah, I need to get rid of those bananas nobody ate, and put some nice new ones there instead, for no-one to eat during this week.

“I like to buy lots of fresh fruit and vegetables at the supermarket and put them in the kitchen so that they can gradually go off during the week, with maybe one or two items being eaten.

“That way I can throw them all in the food waste bin each time I go to do the big food shop.

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“This week we only have six bananas to throw away because they have gone ‘too banana-ey’ if you know what I mean, and three apples, and obviously a large punnet of Strawberries which I throw away every week, because they turn to mush over the course of the week in which they are not being eaten because no-one has time in the morning to make a proper breakfast with fruit in it.

“Then there are the potatoes, because I like to buy a massive bag and then only eat a quarter of them, before throwing them in the bin with some carrots, just after Sunday dinner.”

Asked if he could just try to buy less fresh food when he does his weekly shop, he told us, “I could sure. But I just really like to piss all of my money away.”