I thought ‘Up the Ra’ meant ‘drown all immigrants’ admits confused Nigel Farage

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Nigel Farage has defended himself today following footage of him on Irish television saying ‘Up the Ra’ as part of a private Cameo message.

Farage, who was reportedly paid €87 to say the message online, defended his actions earlier claiming he didn’t actually realise what the statement meant and thought he was just calling immigrants and Muslims names again.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “I thought it meant drown all immigrants, or something to do with Muslims.

“I’d like to apologise to the people of Ireland if what I said was offensive, although to be fair I probably would have said it anyway as there was €87 on the table, and I couldn’t really give a shit.

“But what I actually thought ‘Up the Ra’ meant, was ‘I hate immigrants and hope they drown in the sea’ with the Ra bit being something to do with Muslims too, because I don’t mind offending them either of them.

“Obviously I want to set the record straight in that I would not purposely go out to offend the Irish people, other than trying to lecture them on a history I know nothing about.

“And the only people I would happily and purposefully offend for money online, and indeed for free, are immigrants, and of course Muslims. I can’t stress this enough.”

Asked if he would sing a melody of Irish rebel songs wearing an oversized Guinness hat for a tenner he replied, “Definitely”